Water Damage: Why the First 24 Hours Matter

Pipe leaks, roof leaks, floods and storms can all lead to water damage within the home. Unlike other forms of damage, water damage could have some serious and costly repercussions. This is why many water damage restoration companies offer 24-hour services to quickly assist homeowners and business owners with water damage cleanup. Mitigation is essential within the first 24 hours.

Learn why the early hours matter so much and how quick efforts can go a long way in helping your home or business.

Mold Growth

If water has intruded into areas of your home, it only takes 24 hours for mold spores to grow. The growth of mold can increase rapidly after the initial 24 hour period. If water leaks into unseen areas and is left untreated, then your home could have dangerous mold growth over long periods of time. The mold could present health issues and cause major damage down the line.

Water damage technicians can spot mold and provide remediation services.

Hard to Reach Areas

Not much can stop water from reaching certain areas of the house. The more water leaks into your home, the more it will seep into other areas. When water soaks into something, it goes in multiple directions. Water can soak up into drywall, insulation, extend into wood floors, tile and carpet.

The quicker you call for emergency water mitigation services, the faster you can stop the spread of excess water. Standing water will find multiple directions to go. If you wait more than a day, the damage may go deeper into a structure’s foundation than you realize.

Home Dangers

A home is not made to withstand excessive water damage. Water may leak into outlets, electrical devices, and appliances. The water can create power glitches, electrical sparks, and potential fire hazards. Emergency water mitigation companies will complete a detailed inspection and document any damage.

High-powered fans and other equipment will help completely dry affected areas. A water restoration company will know whether you need to call an electrician or not. The longer you let the water linger, the more you increase the chances of potential damage or injuries.

Weather Elements

If your home is damaged by a tropical storm or hurricane, restoration professionals will use specialized equipment such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to locate water damage and address any issues. It is essential to address any storm damage as quickly as possible.

Professional Drying

Even if you have small leak, air drying is never the best option. You run the risk of mold growth and warping of materials like wood. Within the first 24 hours, professional drying is one of your best options. Professionals will bring in fans, dehumidifiers and water extractors to dry out the water as quickly as possible.

When it comes to water leaks, time is money. The quicker you get the water removed and dried the more money you will save overall. The clean-up process should begin immediately and give you the chance to salvage areas like floors and carpets.

For more information on our water restoration process, contact us at Ace Restoration Services. We have years of experience dealing with water damage and will do everything we can to help you return back to normal.